Build your own branded site

Create a customized TimaticWeb 2 site that supports your business

Enhance every customer experience and provide the service your clientele appreciates with your own TimaticWeb 2 site. Easy to do, creating your site allows you to integrate your brand onto every web page.  Best of all, no programming knowledge is required!

Make it in minutes with our Customization Wizard

Building a site has never been easier. With our Customization Wizard tool, you simply select the formatting and page options you want on the left side of the screen. You immediately see how your site will look on the right side of the screen. Once you’re satisfied with the results, simply click Save and your site is created. A URL is automatically generated for the site which you can use to populate a frame on your website. You can always edit, delete or add new sites at any time.  


Features and Options for Your Site

Using the Web Wizard, you can:

  1. Upload your business logo
  2. Format all elements on the page, including font type, size, color, bold, background, etc.
  3. Ensure security by including the URL where the page will be located, so your cobranded site can only be accessed on this page or intranet site
  4. Input field defaults for each input element. For example, if you own a travel agency in Canada, you can default the nationality to Canadian.
  5. Set displayed or hidden Input fields per field.  The more entry fields your site has, the more personalized the advice is for the customer.
  6. Link to Customs, Currency and Airport Tax information. Include a handy link to this important information on your results page.
  7. Include a “Send to Customer” option. Available for internal websites only, the Send to Customer option allows you to send Passport, Visa and Health information to customers via a link on the results page.

Integrate TimaticWeb 2 into Booking Engine or Email Communications 

Integrate your TimaticWeb 2 site into your online booking engine or email communications and save time while increasing accuracy. You may already have details on your customers or their itinerary, which can be defaulted into the input page. So when your customers visit your branded site, their details are already entered, making for a faster and streamlined experience. TimaticWeb 2 lets you include these details in the URL link to the page. Full instructions on this easy process is available to registered users at:

Delete co-branded page

Update your user name

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