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TimaticWeb 2 – Passport, Visa and Health Regulations

Providing customers with Passport, Visa and Health travel documents can often be complicated and time consuming. TimaticWeb 2 simplifies and speeds up the task of providing this information to your customers. TimaticWeb 2 will help you to work more efficiently, while at the same time enhancing the service you provide to your travel customers.

Personalized Passport, Visa and Health advice based on the travelers details, travel documents and itinerary. The information contains both requirements which must be met such as whether a visa is required, as well as recommendations such as where a visa can be obtained on arrival, prevalence of Malaria etc…  Information is provided for each country as both a destination and a transit point, and for each nationality.

Create your own TimaticWeb 2 site and include it on your public or internal websites. Using the customization tool you can quickly and easily create your own site(s) by:

  1. Uploading your corporate logo
  2. Selecting the formatting for all elements on the site including font type, color, size
  3. Defining default values, eg an Australian travel agent may want the default nationality to be Australia.  You can also determine which entry fields to display and which ones to hide. The more you display, the more personalized the advice for the passenger!

Set-up and manage sub-accounts, which can be for individuals or other offices.  As the master-user you can set up (and disable) multiple sub-user accounts. You can also view their activity for the current and previous periods.

Other features:

  • Customs, Currency and Airport Tax information
  • Send to travelers – A link to the personalized advice page can be sent to the traveler
  • Traveler profiles – Set up traveler profiles with their document details for ease of use
  • Default options – Define your default values on the passport, visa and health enquiry page

TimaticWeb 2 Charges

Access to TimaticWeb 2 is EUR 499 per annum, with the first 500 transactions included for free. Any transactions in excess of the first 500 will be charged according to the following scale:

0 – 500 transactions                           Included in Fixed Fee
501 – 100,000 transactions                EUR (€)  0.1364 per transaction
100,001 – 600,000 transactions         EUR (€)  0.1224 per transaction
600,001 – 1,100,000 transactions      EUR (€)  0.1085 per transaction
1,100,001 – 1,600,000 transactions   EUR (€)  0.0932 per transaction
1,600,001 – 2,100,000 transactions   EUR (€)  0.0857 per transaction
2,100,001 onwards                             EUR (€)  0.0780 per transaction

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