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Using TimaticWeb 2
How do I access Passport and Visa (Health) Information?

In order to access Passport, Visa and Health advice, simply click on the Passport, Visa and Health menu option on the top of the screen, fill in the form entering a minimum of Nationality, Destination Country and Document Held.

Entering more fields will result in a shorter, more concise and personalized responses!

Which travel documents are supported in Timatic Web2?

Over 65 different travel documents are supported in the Timatic database e.g. Normal Passports, ID Cards, Diplomatic Passports, Military ID, Seamen Book etc.

What are Default Setting?

Once you register, you will be prompted to complete your default settings. This means that when you load the Passport, Visa and Health enquiry screen, these default settings are prepopulated. For example, if most of your customers have US nationality, you could set the default nationality to the US. You can always change the nationality on the enquiry page, and the default settings on the Settings page.

How do I change my Default Settings?

You can change your Default Settings at any stage by clicking on the Settings option in the top menu and selecting to Edit Default settings.

Why do I receive additional information, even if TimaticWeb 2 states that the traveler has sufficient travel documents?

TimaticWeb 2 provides details on Passport, Visa and Health requirements, and will determine whether the passenger has sufficient documentation meeting immigration requirements, or whether, for example, a visa or a Yellow Fever certificate is required.

TimaticWeb 2 also includes additional information which will be useful for the passenger, e.g. whether the passenger can get a Visa on arrival and any conditions, or whether it is recommended to take additional health precautions such as Malaria tablets.

What are Templates?

If you typically perform similar transactions on a regular basis with minor changes between each enquiry, you can set up a template. This means that when clicking on the template name, you are brought to the Passport, Visa and Health form with the saved template values already prefilled.

So for example, if you have a client who you regularly perform checks for, you could create a template including all of their details so you would only need to enter their itinerary details in order to perform a check.

Similarly, if you book many passengers on a particular itinerary (e.g. for a conference, or travel to head office), you could create a template with itinerary prefilled so all you need to do is enter the travelers details!

What is History?

You can view historical transactions by clicking on History. This could be useful if you want to re-run a transaction but with slight changes.

How can I access Customs, Currency and Airport Tax information?

You can access Customs, Currency and Airport Tax information by clicking on the Country Info menu item and selecting the relevant country.

Integration Options and creating your own version of TimaticWeb 2
What is TimaticWeb Co-branded?

TimaticWeb 2 enables you to easily create your own co-branded version of TimaticWeb 2 with no programing skills required.  This co-branded site is highly customizable and does not require the user to log-in to TimaticWeb 2.  As such the cobranded site can be included on your external website or internal intranet site(s).

This provides your customers and staff with a seamless experience when accessing Timatic information on your site(s).

How can I create my own Co-branded site?

You can create your own version of Timatic Web 2 using the Integration Option feature of Timatic Web 2.  Creating a co-branded site is easy to do and takes only a few minutes.

Using the simple customization form, you select your formatting and functionality options on the left hand side of the form.  An example of how your cobranded site looks is immediately displayed on the right hand side of the screen.  Customization options include:

  • Page title
  • Upload logos
  • Page title, sub-titles, text and button formatting
  • Hide option for certain fields
  • Default fields values
  • Security features

Once you are happy with how your cobranded site looks you should save it.  Once saved, a URL is generated, and this URL can be used to include the cobranded page on your site using an (i) Frame.  You can always add, edit or delete co-branded sites.

For integration with other systems, you can imbed itinerary and passenger details into the URL, See Integrated URL for more information.

For more information on creating a co-branded site, check-out the Integration Options Video.

Can I restrict access to my co-branded site?

Yes you can restrict access to your TimaticWeb cobranded sites by specifying a website address where the user must originate from in order to gain access. This should be the URL or specific page address where the co-branded site will be located.

Can I integrate my cobranded site into existing applications or e-booking sites?

Yes. If you have details about the passenger or their itinerary, you can create a URL with this data imbedded in it so when the user lands on the co-branded inquiry page, the passengers itinerary or document details are already pre-populated.  This means they may only need to click on Submit to access personalized Passport, Visa and Health advice.  This is extremely powerful feature when integrated into web reservations, check-in kiosks or any environments where quick access to Timatic information is required.

To use this feature, you first need to create a co-branded website (see previous questions).  You then need to imbed the passenger or itinerary details in the URL using a specified format.  For example, nc is the code for Nationality, so if you want to have the default nationality being French, then you add nc=FR to the URL.  You need to include &rule= before the data elements. 

For example, where the destination is Japan, the passengers nationality is French and they are arriving on the 29 November 2013, the URL would be comprised of:

<your cobranded website URL>     &rule=      /dc=JP/nc=FR/ad=2013-11-29

The following data fields can be embedded in the URL:

Itinerary Details

  • Destination Country, or
  • Destination Airport Code
  • Departure Country, or
  • Depart Airport Code
  • Arrival date
  • Stay Duration
  • Purpose of stay
  • Airline Code
  • Transit country dates and times
  • Countries Visited Last 6 days

Traveler and document details

  • Nationality
  • Document Held               
  • Document Issue Country
  • Document Issue Date
  • Document Expiry Date
  • Document Feature
  • Country of Birth
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Residence Country
  • Residency Document

A full list of all codes is included on the Integrated URL page:


How can I send TimaticWeb 2 information to my customers?

You can also send the results of a Passport, Visa and Health enquiry to customers.  To perform this, you need to click on Send to Customer link at the bottom of the response screen and copy the link text into an email using your standard email application.

Two options are available:

  • URL with results only – Using this option the user clicks on the link and is brought to the results screen.  They have no options to change any input data.
  • URL with results and input fields for new search – The user receives the results screen along with the input screen.  They can change the input data and re-run the transaction.  The amount of times this transaction can be changed and re-run can be restricted via the Settings page on your TimaticWeb 2 account.  The default is set to 5!

Note that if you are logged-in to TimaticWeb 2 and click on the URL, you will have access to all the menu options at the top of the screen, however the end user will not have access to these.

This feature is available both for the Passport, Visa and Health (including co-branding) and for the Country Information features

Managing Master-User and Sub Users Accounts
Can I set up additional accounts?

When you subscribe to TimaticWeb 2, a Master-User account is created.  You can then set up as many Sub-User accounts as you require.

How do I create Sub-User accounts for my colleagues or branch offices?

Once registered, click on the Sub-User tab, and then Add.  You will need to enter their name, user name and email address.  They will then receive an email with a link to a page where they can activate their account.

Only the Master-User can create Sub-Users accounts.

Remember that the Master-User account is the Master account and responsible for all transactions made by Sub-Users.  Master-Users can monitor the volume of transactions being made via the Setting page, and can manage Sub-User account access via the Sub-User page

How to I disable Sub-Users?

You can monitor the volume of transactions being made by Master-User and Sub-Users via the Setting page, and can disable and enable Sub-User account access via the Sub-User page

How can I monitor usage of the site per Sub-User?

You can monitor the volume of transactions being made by Master User and Sub Users via the Setting page, and can manage Sub-User account access via the Sub-User page

Can more than one person use the same account?

TimaticWeb 2 allows more than one person to use the same log-on credentials at the same time.  However it is advisable to create separate Sub-User accounts for different users.

How can I update my account details and password?

You can update your TimaticWeb email and password settings on the Settings page.  If you would like to change your account details, please contact our customer service via www.iata.org/cs 

Subscribing and Customer Support
How can I subscribe to TimaticWeb 2?

You can subscribe to TimaticWeb 2 by clicking on the Subscribe button and completing the form.  After successfully registering, you can access the service immediately.  You will be sent an invoice by email and post after subscribing.

Can I try TimaticWeb 2 before purchasing it?

You can register for a free trial of TimaticWeb 2 at www.timaticweb2.com/trial. This trial gives you full access to the TimaticWeb 2 features and 20 free transactions per day.

Can I access TimaticWeb 2 with my TimaticWeb (original version) credentials?

If you already have a TimaticWeb account, you can upgrade from TimaticWeb to TimaticWeb 2 for Free!

In order to upgrade to TimaticWeb 2, simply register on the TimaticWeb 2 site making sure to include your Timatic Customer Number when subscribing. The fixed fee for TimaticWeb 2 will not be charged to you as you have already paid a fixed fee for TimaticWeb, but you will still be invoiced for transactions charges where you make more than 500 transactions, just like with TimaticWeb.

Can I access TimaticWeb 2 with my existing Timatic credentials?

No, you will need to subscribe to TimaticWeb 2.

However when determining transaction charges, we combine the transactions for all products and apply the volume discount to the total.  As such it is important to let us know that you already have an account for another Timatic product when subscribing to TimaticWeb 2. You can do this by including your Timatic Customer Number when registering.

How long is the subscription for?

All Timatic and TimaticWeb subscriptions are for a calendar year.  They automatically renew for the following year, unless you cancel it by 31st October of the current year.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any point prior to 31st October of the current year, and the cancellation will take effect as of the following January. To cancel, please contact our customer service via www.iata.org/cs 

If you do not want to receive any transaction invoices for the current year, you can simply stop using the service, and as such you are only liable for the fixed fee.  You should also inform any sub-users who you have granted access to the site that they too should not make any transactions.  You can also disable their account from via Sub-user menu section of the site. Remember that the first 500 transactions are included in the fixed fee, so you can always use these without incurring transaction charges.  If you exceed these 500 transactions, you will be invoiced for these additional transactions even if you have cancelled your subscription.

How can I contact Customer Support?

You can contact IATA Customer Service via www.iata.org/cs 

TimaticWeb 2 Fees and Invoices
How much does TimaticWeb 2 Cost?

For 2023, access to TimaticWeb 2 is USD 599 per annum, with the first 500 transactions included within this charge. Any transactions in excess of the first 500 will be charged according to the following sliding scale:

Transaction fees:

0 – 500 transactions:                                             Included in Fixed Fee
501 – 100,000 transactions:                                  USD ($)  0.1583 per transaction
100,001 – 600,000 transactions:                           USD ($)  0.1421 per transaction
600,001 – 1,100,000 transactions:                        USD ($)  0.1259 per transaction
1,100,001 – 1,600,000 transactions:                     USD ($)  0.1082 per transaction
1,600,001 – 2,100,000 transactions:                     USD ($)  0.0995 per transaction
2,100,001 onwards:                                               USD ($)  0.0905 per transaction

You will be notified of any changes in pricing by 30th September and will take effect as of the following January.

How often will I be invoiced?

Once you subscribe for TimaticWeb 2, you will be sent an invoice for the fixed fee. This fixed fee includes the first 500 transactions for free, after these first 500 transactions have been used up, you will then be invoiced quarterly for any transaction charges. These invoices will be sent at the beginning of each quarter for the preceding quarter.

How can I pay my invoice?

There are three ways  you can pay your invoice:

  • IATA Clearing House – You will need to be a member of the IATA Clearing House to avail of this method.  When registering for TimaticWeb 2, you can include your IATA Clearing House details during the registration process
  • Credit Card – Your invoice will include details on how to pay by credit card
  • Bank Transfer - Your invoice will include details on how to pay by bank transfer
What is a Transaction?

A Transaction is considered to have been executed when a request is made for Passport, Visa and Health information, Country Information (Customs, Currency and Airport Tax) and News Items.  Transactions made by sub-users and users of Cobranded sites are considered to be transactions for the purposes of invoicing.

Are Transactions bundled with those made using other Timatic solutions?

When determining transaction charges, where a customer uses multiple Timatic products, we combine the transactions for all products and apply the volume discount to the total.  As such it is important to let us know that you already have a subscription for other Timatic products when subscribing to TimaticWeb 2. You can do this by including your Timatic Customer Number when registering.

Why am I being invoiced for less transactions than I made?

On the settings page you can check how many transactions have been made using your TimaticWeb 2 account.  You will be invoiced for less than this number as most subscriptions include a certain number of transactions included in the fixed fee (500).

TimaticWeb 2 Content and Technology
Where does the information contained within TimaticWeb 2 come from?

TimaticWeb 2 is based on the Timatic database.  The Timatic database is maintained by a group of immigration specialists with access to over 1,900 sources worldwide, and is updated on average 110 times per day.

Timatic is used by the entire aviation industry.  Airlines and Travel Agents use Timatic to provide advice on border requirements to passengers at the time of booking, and airlines use it at the time of boarding to ensure that passengers have sufficient travel documents for their destination and any transit points.  If the passenger does not have sufficient travel documents the airline will not carry the passenger!

What if a passenger is denied boarding by an airline or entry into a country by immigration officials?

Timatic/TimaticWeb 2 is provided as a guide, however it is always the airlines decision whether to carry a passenger, and the immigration officials decision whether to admit the passenger to the destination country or to transit through their country.

As such any disputes should be addressed directly to the airline or immigration department.

What should I do if I believe the information contained within Timatic is incorrect?

Immigration regulations change constantly, so if you believe the information contained within TimaticWeb 2 is incorrect, you can send the details to [email protected].  We will investigate with multiple sources within the relevant country and if verified will update Timatic.

What should I do if TimaticWeb 2 does not work on my computer?

If TimaticWeb 2 does not work on your computer, or you discover a bug, please contact our customer service via www.iata.org/cs . We will then investigate and try and provide a solution for you. It would help us solve the problem if you could send a ‘screen dump’, browser type and version, and any other details.

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