Type: Critical

No, The travel documents held are not sufficient for the traveler's journey, or they may need additional documents as follows:

Type: Critical
New Zealand - Destination Passport

Document validity rules:

Passports and other documents accepted for entry issued to nationals of India must be valid for a minimum of 1 month beyond the period of intended stay.

The following regulations apply to children/minors:

Minors entering New Zealand may be included in the passport of the parent, who is traveling with them.

Type: Critical
New Zealand - Destination Visa

Visa required.

Visa issuance:

New Zealand issues both printed visa labels and label-less visas. Printed visa labels are inserted into a passport or travel document. There is no physical evidence of a label-less visa in the passport or travel document but all passengers must carry a printed visa approval letter that confirms the details of their visa.
The New Zealand visa record is held in Immigration New Zealand's systems and authority to board should be verified using the NZ APP system. Airlines not connected to NZ APP that carry a passenger on an earlier leg of their journey, can use TIETACNZ, or view the printed visa label or the visa approval letter to identify any travel conditions, such as whether the person is exempt from the requirement to hold a return/onward ticket.

Additional information:

Visitors are required to hold proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay. The amount of funds needed is NZD 1,000.- per person per month of stay or NZD 400.- if accommodation has been prepaid. Evidence of funds may be in the form of cash, traveler's cheques, bank drafts, letters of credit or the following credit cards: Diners Club, American Express, Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa. If Visa label contains "Funds Waived", evidence of sufficient funds is not required.

Passengers with orders for Antarctic may be granted a visa on arrival for 12 months. They must be associated with a scientific program or expedition under the Antarctica Treaty.

Type: Ok
New Zealand - Destination Health

Vaccinations not required.

Type: Critical
Australia - Transit Visa

Visa required.

Additional information:

Airlines can verify the status of an electronic visa holder by using Australia's Advance Passenger Processing (APP) system before boarding the aircraft. Verification by airlines using Australia's Advance Passenger Processing (APP) system will require the details of the travel document that the visa is issued against.

Type: Critical
Australia - Transit Health

Passengers arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting countries on Australia's list of yellow fever declared places, at www.health.gov.au/yellowfever and not holding a yellow fever vaccination certificate are subject to quarantine for 6 days. Australia's yellow fever declared places reflects the list of countries with risk of yellow fever transmission with these exceptions:
- Argentina limited to only the Misiones Province; and
- Galapagos Islands excluded from Ecuador.

Exempt from Yellow Fever vaccination:

Children younger than 1 year.

Passengers transiting Australia if not leaving the transit area.

Passengers transiting countries with risk of yellow fever transmission if not having stayed overnight or longer in these countries.

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